Environmental Impact – Apotheosis

Its Stylish to be Green

We all want to reduce our impact on the environment and protect the planet for future generations as well as for wildlife and our own enjoyment now. Learning how to break the habits of excess consumerism (and savour greater pleasure from the beautiful items we already own) is a more powerful action than you realise in helping to limit eco-damage.

At Apotheosis, we recycle, re-purpose and re-home the majority of your discarded items which drastically reduces your landfill contribution and more importantly, we empower you to  make wiser choices about what – and how much – you buy. Knowing what you actually need, prioritising experiences over things, finding more lasting ways to feel the ‘novelty buzz’, and receiving increased enjoyment from possessions you already own, creates a new awareness about your spending and consumerism. Not only do you save money (more than you might expect), you also maintain  the stylish, uncluttered home you’ve always wanted and considerably reduce your environmental footprint.

​Remember, its not just the item itself, its all the resources and pollution used to make and transport it. A decluttered and organised home is a much greener home. 

​We don’t like landfill

We were pretty horrified to learn the UK produces more than 430 million tonnes of waste every year. This rate of rubbish generation would fill Royal Albert Hall in less than 2 hours*.

Similarly scary is that many women now spend about £100 a month on fast fashion that lasts only a season and is quickly discarded. Between 37-46% of people in the UK have items in their wardrobe they have never worn and 68% of women are self-confessed hoarders of fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.**

We simply have too much of a consumer mindset and an addictive desire for novelty and instant gratification. While these things are not necessarily bad in themselves, they often create unhealthy habits that overwhelm your home and damage our beautiful natural world.

Our grandparents’ attitude to quality over quantity, make do and mend, and to choose experiences over stuff is wisdom we would do well to embrace again. 

Apotheosis helps recycle your unwanted items where possible. Not only is this good for our environment but it can sometimes be good financially. Discarded belongings can be turned into cash on eBay, car boot sales or even in antique or consignment shops. Alternatively, there is Freecycle and plenty of charity shops and clearance businesses who are more than happy to relieve you of usable items. There are apps for second-hand books and banks for beauty products. Animal shelters love old blankets and bedding. We know all kinds of ways to re-purpose what your home no longer needs to be a blessing to others. Its all part of the service.

* Source: www.wasteonline.org.uk
** Please note, this is a different application of hoarding then the official medical condition.