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Is Decluttering & Home Styling important?

Your home is often your most valuable asset, your safe haven to unwind, a place of welcome for friends and an expression of your personality and the life you live. Your home tells part of your story; in your choices of colour, its feel, the interesting pieces you have picked up from travels and the design details you have chosen.

Is the story your home is reflecting the one you want it to tell,
​and the one you’d like guests to see?

​If you have the design and look you love but find it is getting buried under additional layers of belongings, new possessions, unsorted papers, or general clutter, you might really value professional Home Styling.  A welcoming ambiance, beautiful designs and your family’s ‘story’ can get swamped when possession take over and crowd the space.

We can help with anything from an overflowing bathroom beauty cabinet to a paper-strewn study or every room in your house. We are highly experienced in helping you decide the items of true value and reducing your collection to the perfect size for your lifestyle. Apotheosis will eliminate the chaos and reacquaint you with a life of  beauty and comfort in a home the properly reflects you. 

Our Signature 6-Step Treatment is also a favourite with clients who are moving house, especially downsizing, and those who wish to showcase their home to its full potential for prospective buyers. A small investment in Styling your Home for Sale can reap generous financial dividends. When house-hunting, most buyers fall in love – or not – in the first few minutes of viewing so it is wise business sense to create a stunning first impression.

Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house and the space itself needs to be showcased as their dream. However, as the vast majority of people cannot “see through” other people’s possessions and tastes to visualize that ideal, our Home Staging is the secret weapon to ensures your house stands out from all the others they’ve seen!

Common Questions

Do I need Organization & De-cluttering?
What do Professional Home Stylists do?
How do we start?
How should I prepare?
Do I need to tidy up before you arrive?
What should I expect in my first session?
Can I leave you to declutter and organise without me?
Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?
What if I’m not a Minimalist?!
Is it OK that some places are off-limits?
What if my partner is having trouble coming on board?
How long will it take?
Do you work with Hoarders?
What’s the difference between decluttering and organising?

Do I need  Organization & Decluttering?


Generally, a person who needs help from an organizing and de-cluttering stylist feels like they are losing the battle against ‘stuff’ but wants their home to look and feel relaxing and inviting. Some people might feel embarrassed about having visitors and unannounced guests can be a particularly stressful ordeal. Often you can’t find important documents at critical moments and slowly but surely your environment begins to affect your life negatively, and generally gets you down. You can of course do it yourself, but by working a professional organiser, the job is much easier, faster and more efficient. Often it can be overwhelming knowing where to start decluttering. If you have a coach to instruct and motivate you and the time is scheduled in your diary, there’s less chance that it will slide to the bottom of your priorities.  

What does a Professional Home Stylist do?

A professional Organiser and Declutterer helps eliminate mess and surplus possessions from your environment. Whilst every client has slightly different goals, the aim of home styling is as much about creating organisational systems that works for you and designing a tailored ‘dream look’, as it is about getting rid of unnecessary things. This does not mean that you have to turn your house into a minimalistic show home! It just means that you get rid of items that no longer serve you and allow your environment to ‘breathe’.

 How do we Start?


The aim is to make this an enjoyable process. Sorting through a house or space shouldn’t be a struggle. With the right professional declutterer, it is easy and (mostly) stress free. And the final result should be liberating!

After you’ve made contact, we arrange an initial consultation to discuss exactly how we can help and look at the space or project you wish to tackle. This is a really friendly, informal chat about how you see your ideal lifestyle and to discuss the principles of our 6 Step Treatment.  We take a quick tour of your home and assess things like storage, room functionality and flow and take some photos. ​After that, we can give you a no-obligation quote for the assignment. This is either an hourly or daily rate and we will give an estimate on how long we think the process will take.

If work commitments are putting you off, consider enquiring about evening and weekend sessions or packages.

How should I  Prepare?

You will need to want to do this and be ready for some changes and challenges. Having a good rapport with your stylists is essential. These two things alone go the majority of the way to guaranteeing your success. Whether you choose us or not, we highly recommend initial consultations  to help you choose someone you click with. Your organizer/stylist should adopt a hands-on approach as well as be there to guide, advise and support you.

My home is very untidy. Do I need to tidy up before you arrive?

No. Really. In fact, that would make our job harder as we want to understand how you currently use the space and uncover what causes the issues you are facing. You’ve chosen us to help with the tasks you find daunting  so don’t burden yourself with unnecessary efforts. Instead trust us to work through the areas that bother you together. Please do not be embarrassed, we’re here to help, never judge. Like trusted family doctors, we’ve seen it all before and chances are, we’ve seen rooms way more chaotic and cluttered! 

What should I expect in my first session?


The first session might seem daunting, but congratulations on taking this step to a happier, more beautiful home. Using your desired outcomes as our blueprint, and your POP quiz results as the framework, we move on to Steps 2 to 5 in your chosen areas. We break down what we are doing into really manageable steps that you can participate in and, along the way, teach you useful skills, principles and habits that allow you to take control of accumulating stuff. You always have the final say on what to keep or what technique works for you.
If you’ve chosen a niche package like Home Staging or Wardrobe Styling, some of the steps may be more bespoke but the collaborative process is similar and we always seek to make the journey light-hearted, rewarding and empowering. 

Can I  leave you to Declutter and Organize without me?


As much as it might sounds like a perfect, pain-free solution, for most assignments, this approach really doesn’t work. Firstly, we firmly believe in coaching you along the way and if there is only little engagement, you’re much more likely to slip into original habits. Being invested and involved consolidates new skills and mindsets that empower your future success. We also want to be creating solutions that work for you – without you, we’re just guessing. Your presence also makes sure we properly understand what is precious to you – we might see an old, chipped vase, but to you, its Granny’s favourite that reminds you of her house in the country and breakfast in bed. Of course, there are times when you need to pop out, walk the dog, sort out lunch for the kids  or take a break and that is completely fine. We can carry on while you do important life stuff.

Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?

Absolutely not.  The decisions of what to discard are entirely yours, only you can determine the true value of each possession in your life. We will help you learn how to easily assess their value in your home using several key factors and this ‘tool kit’ will form part of your new foundation skills that will empower you to keep control of clutter in the future. You might even find your abilities to do this become so honed and finessed that you start doing it naturally in all aspects of your life. Apotheosis (the culmination of order & perfection) really is transformative!

What if I’m not a Minimalist?!

Decluttering often conjures up images of clean, white, sparse rooms with one or two statement pieces and everything else hidden away.  Classic minimalism definitely works for some people, but its only one presentation style among many and certainly isn’t the right look for everyone. Plenty of clients (and even we) prefer a home that reflects other aspects of personality such as travel adventures, aesthetic tastes, colour, bookshelves as backdrops, abundant soft furnishings and evidence of personal passions like cooking or music.

​We do not follow ‘prescribed’ methods expecting you to conform to things you are not. We all have a value system for how we prefer to organise, display items and even for what level of value we place on possessions, so we have created a quiz that you can take in our initial consultation that will help show you what your natural approach is. It also informs us how we can best create solutions and environments that reflect and delight you. 

Is it OK that some places are off-limits?

Absolutely. The space is yours and it’s important to us that we respect any boundaries you may have. It is helpful if you can let us know these areas before we start. Once you start seeing results and get to know us better you might feel comfortable to reconsider these no-go zones – not only is trust quite powerful against fears but the transformation itself is often very inspiring.

​What if my partner is having trouble getting on board?

It can be difficult embarking on this journey without the support of those who share your space.  They may be the ‘messy one’ or there might be things among their possessions that you consider hideous but that are their pride and joy. Try not to worry, this is a common occurrence and we have tools and techniques to help.  If this is your situation, we will only declutter your things in our Treatment but the good news is, we often find once your items are perfectly organised and they see the progress you are making, other family members soon follow suit. Order and style (and most definitely the benefits that come from it) are contagious! 

How long will decluttering take?

This question is a bit like asking “how big is an elephant?” It really depends on a number of factors like the size of your space, the contents or crowdedness of those spaces, your personal goals and the speed of decision making. During your initial consultation, we discuss these variables and give you our best estimate as well as a recommended approach. In the meantime, this is a very rough guide that might help you. 
Light (or Baby Elephant)
 A small room, for example your Hallway, Utility Room or Bathroom.
Approx half a day
Medium (or Mama Elephant)
1-2 rooms such as a Kitchen, Bedroom, Office or your full wardrobe. 
Approx 1 or 2 days
Heavy weight (or Big Bull Elephant)
3 or more rooms or homes with overflowing storage areas or rooms that have become almost  unusable as living real estate. 
Usually 3 or more days

Do you work with Hoarders?

While we work with a variety of clients across a range of different situations, we do not, at this time, work with hoarders. Hoarders need additional support beyond the scope and expertise of mainstream organising and decluttering stylists. Professional psychologists and counsellors are trained in helping people with this mental health condition to recognise what is triggering this behaviour and help them overcome the additional challenges driving their need to collect and keep surplus items. For more information and support, please visit www.helpforhoarders.co.uk

What is the difference between organising and decluttering?

The word clutter means “a disorderly heap or assemblage; litter: a state or condition of confusion.” Clutter is the visible manifestation of disorganization. Clearing clutter – helping clients to make decisions about, and then to dispose of unwanted items – is undoubtedly one of the most important weapons in our artillery. It is, however, not the whole story.

While it is possible to organise someone’s home without decluttering, it is not possible to declutter effectively without implementing at least some level of organisation. Some clutter problems relate not so much to unwanted and superfluous items, as to the appropriate storage of items worthy of keeping. Without the creation of workable processes and systems (organisation), tailored to individual needs, the problem of clutter is likely to return. So a two-in-one approach – or in our case, a 6-Step Treatment – that covers all bases is far more effective and lasting than a single, narrow focus.

If that’s now a load off your mind, or if we had you at ‘hello’, you can enquire about booking Apotheosis for your home or wardrobe here.