Our Services – Apotheosis

Signature 6-Step Treatment

Our signature “Apotheosis Treatment” is a six stage collaborative experience designed to make getting the results you want fun and easy.
We explain these simple but exciting steps in greater detail during your Consultation. And of course, there is no obligation to go any further if you decide our approach is not right for you. There are two options – Interiors for your rooms or whole house and Wardrobes for your clothes, shoes and accessories. 
1. Consultation 
An in-person conversation for you to introduce us to your situation and discuss your dream result; and for you to meet us and discover more about our methods – asking as many questions as you like! We’ll ask you to complete our insightful ‘POP’ quiz to help us understand your philosophy to Possessions, Organisation and room or personal Presentation. 

2. Refresh the Room
Starting with a fresh, clean blank canvas allows us to redefine your space in alignment with your ideal aesthetic.

3. Declutter
Together as a team, we sort your items into 5 categories – Keep, Mend, Store, Give, and Toss – to bring what you choose to keep into manageable and sustainable levels and to curate a deliberate and thoughtful collection that perfectly compliments and facilitates your lifestyle.

​4. Organise
​Using your lifestyle habits and household needs as our guide, we discover optimal ‘homes’ for items and design systems of organization that fit with the your ‘POP’ personality. 
Together we carefully review the primary and secondary functions of the rooms before deciding what to welcome back in.

5. Style
Redesign, redress and decorate the room with your hand-picked Keep items with a tailored aesthetic that brings your ideal visual outcome to life. Using our Interior Design training, we consider the major design elements (such as Form, Colour and Scale) and the five senses for your optimal finished ‘Look’.

6. Celebration
A few fun surprises await the wonderful moment when you can look around and admire your new-found apotheosis.


Less is the new luxury.  Anyone can have piles of stuff, but the wise luxuriate in the empty space that frames their precious pieces and confers tranquillity and grace.

Signature & Tailored  Options

Signature Treatment for your Interiors
If any of the negative consequences of mess we outline on ‘Why Declutter’ applies to your home, then this Treatment is really the answer to graduate from Mess to Less.

​With a systematic approach and guiding-star principles all tailored to you, we transform the spaces you choose into the dream home you want. You keep the practical and the fabulous. The junk stuff is removed. Pieces that suit others better are given away. We do the work, you make the decisions. Unwanted items are assessed for their ‘new life’ potential – to sell, donate to charity, re-home with freecycle, give as gifts, provide bedding for animal shelters, clothe the homeless and so on.

​When you remember that it is more blessed to give than receive, you realise why decluttering feels so good!

Signature Treatment for your Wardrobe
This is designed for those who open their closet and either cannot find a thing to wear, or panic that half their clothes have just fallen out onto the floor! Do not despair, a wardrobe detox is one of the  more humorous decluttering projects you can undertake. You’ll discover what simply doesn’t belong in your precious closet real estate and how to always find the outfit you need.

You’ll discover what pieces might be missing but you’ll also know what you don’t need to buy and almost every client tells us our Wardrobe Styling saves them money on cluttering impulse buys. 

We also offer guidance on coordinating and updating outfits to make sure they ‘say’ the right thing. Wardrobe Styling makes a fabulous gift.

Moving House & Downsizing
Moving house can be a daunting task and one of the most stressful times in your life – but it doesn’t have to be. It’s the perfect opportunity to review and prioritise your belongings, work out what you really love and need, and then organise things to make unpacking and settling into your new home a breeze.

No unnecessary stuff allows for a fresh start, meaning you can really enjoy the process of placing your items into your new home. Having less speeds up the process of unpacking as-well as saving you money on removal services as removal companies charge by weight or volume.

Using the principles of our Signature Treatment, we declutter, organise and can even help you box up your precious things.  In your new home,  we can help you unpack  before adopting steps 4, 5 and most definitely 6! 

​Moving house is an exciting, fresh start.
Going through and packing up a lifetime of belongings can be a daunting task but don’t let it be a chore, invite Apotheosis to make it stress-free.

New Additions & Empty Nests
There aren’t many changes as big, or as exciting, as having a baby. Expectant parents often want to get as organised as possible before their new baby is born, as they know they will soon have less time and even more possessions. If you are concerned about clutter and organisation, let us help you prepare by getting your house organised and baby-ready, or by transforming your spare room or study into the new nursery. 

Changes in family household also occur when grown-up kids move out for uni or when you welcome a grand-parent moving in. New arrivals may also be temporary such as hosting an exchange student for a few weeks or inviting guests for the holiday season.

These occasions almost always require a room or two to be decluttered and rearranged to become a proper bedroom and for your stuff to find new places to live – or to be donated to new homes.  

We use our Signature 6 Step treatment and tailor it to the spaces you are about to share or re-purpose for your pleasure!

Home Staging – Selling Your Home
Spacious, bright and welcoming. These are the qualities buyers are looking for in their new home. And therefore, how your home needs to feel when they see it.

Potential buyers will not always have the imagination to see beyond a home that is overflowing with your personal belongings.

Sessions start by decluttering the space of personal objects to create a clean canvas for buyers’ eyes. We consider everything from kerb appeal and a welcoming entrance, to furniture placement, light, use of colour and even inside your cupboards. Serious buyers look everywhere!

We may advise small investments in minor repair jobs, decorative treatments or professional cleaning services to give your home the polish and elegance to get the price you deserve. Rooms are then staged (set dressed) ready for your all-important marketing photographs and open days. 

First impressions count. Make your house your buyer’s dream home and ensure your property stands out and becomes their favourite.

Outdoor Spaces
Clutter and excess is often stowed in ‘out of sight’ places such as potting sheds, garages, attics, basements and even just dumped in the garden. We can help you with all these spaces too. Sometimes these are the ones that feel most stressful because they have been left for so long but don’t lose heart!

With our help they are not hard to bring back to their real purpose, whether that be for gardening, protecting your car, having space for a workshop or games room or keeping all your camping/bee-keeping/ski gear/Christmas decorations/kid’s dress-ups or other hobby accoutrements in order for when you need them. 

Dealing with the belongings of someone who has passed away can be highly emotional, difficult and tiring. It is often easier with someone compassionate yet impartial to help, someone who can give the support and strength you need.

We’ve lost loved ones too and know it is a privilege step into the family circle at this time. We work with sensitivity and understanding to help you through the process of decision-making whether you are preparing the house ready for sale, packing up belongings, sorting memories and treasures or helping to dispose of unwanted items.

If this would bless you, ask us to be there to guide and ease you through and offer compassionate support.

The Perfect Gift
Do you know someone who is hard to buy for because they already have everything?

An Apotheosis Gift Experience makes a wonderful surprise for friends and family members with storage problems; who might be moving house soon; who has always wanted a workshop or creative studio space; or simply has a clutter problem . You choose the package, we help them bid farewell to the things they don’t want or need and help create a more luxurious and streamlined life. Less clutter and mess. More space and style. 

Guys, this could be the answer you’re looking for! Treat your beloved to a Wardrobe Styling session and not only will she love the attention and results but you’ll also benefit from extra closet space for your clothes! Earning Brownie Points has never been so easy!

Seasonal Packages

Limited edition, especially tailored 3 Day Experiences to freshen, detox, decorate and prepare for the coming season when family time, fun and new memories are far more important then worrying about an embarrassing excess of stuff or letting it hold you back from the things you really want to do. 
Spring Refresh
Available to pre-book from February for use in March and April. 

Ahh, the traditional Spring Clean and Detox to eradicate the clutter and dust of Winter, moving from the ceiling down to the floor. Cupboards are turned out, linens are swapped over and windows opened to freshen and air everything.

We take the essence of this international time-honoured activity and apply it to all the items lurking in the dark, hidden spaces of your home – under beds, in the backs of cupboards, at the bottom of boxes, the kitchen ‘junk’ drawer’  – all the places you usually avoid when decluttering or tidying up. We know this is the stuff you always skip over, but what better time to do it then when the seasons change and light and warmth come flooding back in?

We can help you swap over your decor, wardrobe and linens from Winter weight and colours to your lighter, fresher palettes for Spring and Summer. Storage is a key factor at this time – first we clear it out, then re-stock with only the important, keep-worthy things using space-saving techniques and workable systems. 

Even if you don’t declutter at any other time, the Spring Refresh is the essential package to get up all set for the year and turn your home into a haven. 

Summer Holiday Blitz
Available to pre-book from May for use in June, July and August.

I​f you have children you will know that they naturally come along with an element of chaos and disorganisation! And that it is easy to lose several hours sifting through toys, books, clothes, drawings and schoolwork to find what you or they need. 

Whether it’s toddlers with toys and clothes that don’t have homes, getting smart with your storage or older children who haven’t quite got a handle on tidying and organisation, our Summer Holiday Blitz can help restore order. 

Tailoring our 6 Step Treatment for the whole family to get involved means we can blitz children’s bedrooms, organise playrooms and create memory boxes for sentimental items. Often no-one teaches us how to organise and therefore we don’t naturally know the best systems to use. These skills will empower your family and help set you up for a calmer environment to enjoy family life. 

A project like this in the summer holidays can help give kids a real sense of purpose and achievement as well as give you back control of your home when the normal schedule has gone out the window. 

Hosting Christmas?
Available to pre-book from October for use in November and December.

Wouldn’t it be great to welcome your guests into your home during the holidays without saying “excuse the mess!”? Or to actually have a spare bedroom to offer guests rather than a junk room crowded with all your ‘too hard to deal with’ stuff? Perhaps its too many toys lying around? Not enough kitchen space for cooking for 12? Or maybe you want to impress your in-laws?

Preparing for Christmas hosting is the perfect time to get your home decluttered and styled for the Season!

Let Apotheosis clear those surfaces and prepare welcoming rooms for all your holiday celebrations, gifts and decorations.

A wonderful gift of peace and joy to yourself and a fresh look and feel for a fresh New Year! 

On-Going Support

VIP Maintenance Sessions
With any of our packages and tailored treatments, you have the option to book personalised Maintenance Sessions that help you stay on top of the clutter battle while you’re still honing your new skills and perspectives. We can pop back for visits on an on-going basis until you feel you have properly ‘graduated’ from mess goddess to style queen! The perfect option for when you’re new to keeping clutter under control. VIP Maintenance sessions can be booked in 3 to 12 session blocks with either a monthly or bi-monthly visit. Please see our Bookings page for full details.