Profile – Apotheosis

Firm friends and fellow aesthetes, Penny and Julia bonded over a mutual love for organising, polished excellence and beautiful  design solutions. Highly compatible, together they possess a dynamic rapport and an uncanny ability to know what the other is thinking, yet they look at and solve problems differently, thus bringing uniquely independent perspectives and a definite case of “two heads being better than one”. Indefatigable when it comes to blitzing mess and creating order and beauty, they often astonish clients with their infectious enthusiasm and subtle powers of motivation. 



British-Australian Penelope Brooke-Hamilton stumbled onto her natural gifts as a visual stylist and designer by accident in a photographer’s studio when she was 16. Having started drafting floorplans of houses aged 7, her eye for colour and aesthetic congruence was recognized by the photographer-in-residence who suggested interior design as perfect career path.
She supplemented her studies with a decade heavily involved in the performing arts, developing an appreciation of scenic design, visual narrative, the use of colour and light, and how to use limited space to accomplish multiple objectives. After moving to the UK, she become a film designer before further diversifying her portfolio of professional engagements as a celebrity publicist, event co-ordinator and fashion entrepreneur. She ran a successful Couture Gifting Suite at the Cannes Film Festival, dressing VIPs for red carpet premiers and galas.
Penelope has travelled extensively and lived in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, in a dairy village in the German Rhineland, by the beaches of Orange County and in the temperate rainforest of south-eastern Australia. She has personally moved house over 40 times so knows a thing or two about how to downsize, declutter and pack! She has shared these skills helping clients, in both the northern and southern hemispheres, in tiny city apartments, period properties and sprawling country estates.
With this glittering background in international client relations in the design, entertainment and leisure industries, Penelope has worked with just about every size and shape of interior space and possesses a deep understanding of the practical and emotional influences homes, belongings and clothes exert on our life.
In between career moves, Penelope has undertaken adventure assignments including helicopter hostess, dive boat chef, vintner, sea lion trainer and flying trapeze artist. She has dived the Barrier Reef with sharks, out-skied an avalanche, published a book and had her hair styled by raccoons.
An ardent animal-lover, she and her pets currently live in a period townhouse almost completely lacking in storage. Every season, fresh bags of donations from decluttering her home and wardrobe stock the shelves of the local animal welfare charity shop. 


Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to invite professionals into your home and let them see the real state of affairs. Or to confide that you find keeping possessions under control or staying on top of organisation a Real Challenge. We understands this and offer you our Charter of Ethics to give you peace of mind on matters of trust and confidentiality. We’ve also collected a few Testimonials from previous clients so you can read about us in their own words. We make it our mission to ensure harmonious relations and tangible results from the services we provide. 

We might look a little bit glamour-puss, but we’re actually pretty down to earth and want you to have as much fun decluttering and organising as we do!

“Swiss Army knife” girls

We are…

An organizing and styling consultant worth her salt is many experts rolled into one.
A teacher – who can explain and transfer organizing skills to you so you can maintain what is initially put into place.
A coach – who will help keep your eye on the final goal and keep you on task.
A motivator – who knows ways to give you quick “wins” and rewarding results that will encourage you to want to keep going!
A problem analyst – who helps you understand why your previous efforts at organisation may not have been successful.
A rich resource – who is well-versed in a range of styles, methods and solutions.
  • Sensitive & Non-Judgemental we provide you with a  kind, safe environment. We do not privately or publicly make criticisms against you for your situation, and know a bit of mess does not indicate you have bad character! 
  • Creative – we suggest systems that work to your strengths and lifestyle. 
  • Flexible – we understand that one size does not fit all.
  • Good listeners – we ensure you feel heard, valued and respected.
  • Intuitive – we also listen for what is not being said.
  • Committed – we’re dedicated in providing excellent value & lasting outcomes.
  • Collaborative – we always engage you in the process so that you have ownership and feel empowered.
  • Objective – we bring a non-biased and impartial perspective to your situation.
  • Kind – we, too, know what its like to feel overwhelmed and just how welcome the kindness of others is in those circumstances!