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“It has been such a blessing to have Penny’s help with my wardrobe.  She is patient, attentive, professional and organized in her approach.  The questions she asked helped me to articulate what style I wanted to create, which was something that seemed to evolve more definitively as we explored various ideas I had.  She has an extensive knowledge of  style and a sharp eye for colour combinations.  After working with Penny, I felt much more confident in my appearance and I would recommend her to anybody”
Anna-Lousie – Teacher

I’m the kind of person who has a thousand projects on the go and a million things lying around to do them. I don’t consider myself a messy person but so much of the time I just can’t be bothered to hang up the clean clothes and put away everything that I’m using. Once I get stuck into something I’m working on, I don’t even ‘see’ the stuff everywhere or that the carpet is now completely covered. It drains me just thinking about dealing with it. Not only did Penny transform it all in a few hours, but she showed me ways to set up systems that work for me to keep it accessible but in order; to hand but not underfoot. She was a motivating coach who trusted my judgements about my stuff which made me totally trust her. She’s like some kind of Disney fairy – really kind and able to do sparkly magic.
Elliott – Aerospace Engineer

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Marianne – PA

“Penny is not only a perfectionist but is wholly dynamic, incredibly intelligent and highly conscientious. All this is wrapped up with gentleness and genuine focus on building relationships. We have worked together in highly pressurised projects that risked overrunning in budget, time and expanding boundaries, and I was extremely pleased that Penny was there, a grounded, forward thinking problem solver. I cannot recommend her enough.”
Gill Kirkham  – PR Executive Director, Rare Event

“Penelope presents stylishly in both appearance and with her eloquent communication. She has insightful, interlaced thinking and moreover is very present and empathic as she seeks to achieve the very best for her clients/us. Refreshingly honest, reliable and discreet in all contacts, she is a pleasure to work with and rare to find.”
Anastasja Trajkovska – Couture Designer, AnaTraj

“Penny is refreshingly present, honest and straightforward. She’s a clear thinker who really listens and brings genuine warmth and enthusiasm. For me, these are the most important qualities when doing business with anyone, and working with her is an absolute pleasure.”
Molly Mishi May – Mishi May bespoke couture

​”I have worked with Penny on many and varied projects over a number of years. I can say without exception Penny is the most passionate and enterprising person I have ever worked with. Any group or project would be not only lucky to have her on board but will find in Penny, an enthusiasm that is infectious and engaging. Penny is an asset, with intelligence and an innate ability to find the root of any problems. Through personal experience, I know you will get more than you give and will walk away wondering how you ever completed the project without her.”
Troy Sussman – Director, The Entertainment Store

​​”Penny is utterly unique! She is always ready to help and introduce you to an opportunity if there is one in her pocket. From “day one” Penny was super responsive and passionate about the project we are working on and is still opening very exciting doors in front of us. It’s “ok” in my world to just make an intro but Penny brought the experience to a whole new level! I’m so glad I have an opportunity to work with her and would recommend anyone who needs expertise or advice in the creative industry – have a chat with Penny.”
Kirill Chekanov – ​Tech entrepreneur, contributor to “2BillionUnder20”

‘I had the absolute pleasure of working with Penny on a number of productions in Australia. No matter the circumstances, Penny was always remarkably professional, enthusiastic and friendly. She was one of the crew you could faithfully depend on and added that irrepressible “spark” to the team. If you get the chance to work with this wonderful woman, you should definitely take it!’
Andrew Dark – Owner, Dark IP 

​”There are only a few people, who have the generosity to connect you with amazing people, the personality to make you always feel special and the professional polish to really make a difference with the projects performed! I’m glad to know you Penny!! Thank you for everything!”
Wilma Elles – Actress, Model, Ambassador

“I met Penny only once before launching my company’s Kickstarter campaign, yet she was one of our earliest supporters, sharing it across all her social media platforms within the first few hours of the campaign going live. The message of my brand – backpacks designed to carry courage and a global cause – resonated with Penny and she reached out to me to cover the campaign in her media outlets. She was attentive, available and helpful throughout the process, and an overall pleasure to work with!

Penny is a thoughtful person who leads her business with her heart. She has a people-first approach, really taking the time to understand what you are building. A good listener, Penny is great at providing feedback and recognizing, then amplifying, the most valuable messaging in a project or product.”
Alissa Lentz – Hero New York

“Penny is a reliable, trustworthy professional who extends herself on a personal level. Her winning smile and friendliness have helped secure confidence in her ability to complete various tasks at hand. She is a team player who puts countless hours of her own time in to see that a project and/ or event launch without a hitch.”
Jennifer Niejadlik – Actress/ Producer, and former CBS News journalist

“I have watched Penelope’s journey across years. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge and a collaborative networking genius, but she understands that success is not just something you pursue for yourself. Penny has encouraged me professionally and personally to pursue my dreams and for that reason and others, I consider her an ally and a friend. You would be hard pressed to find a more friendly and value-adding person to work with.”
John Englezos – Photographer and TED X Speaker

A lot of things are said about teams when shooting a film, especially if the schedules are long, with several units and members come from all over the world. But little is said about the silent leaders who bring people together, who have the gracious touch of tact, the ability to reach deep into you and bond, and help it all flow.
 I know this has to do with their capacity to see beyond. To see inside and to care. Penny could see into my eyes, into my soul, and call me on whatever the matter was, always with the perfect approach, the right word, and the warmest quality.
 She has proven to be a great producer, PR manager, publicist, and every other role that our film needed. Getting to work being the art director, she quickly filled the gaps becoming an A.D., a personal assistant, a gaffer… in short, everything cast and crew needed and more. During those long days filming “Hedda Gabler” she also became a mother, a sister, and ultimately, the truest role model of light: a friend.
I am forever grateful and immensely happy to have met and worked with her, but most of all, to consider her one of the core members of my artistic family.

Francisco Ortiz – actor, performer, presenter, model

“Penelope is bright, personable and effervescent when interacting with staff and guests. She displays an incredible amount of intelligence and skill in problem solving, strategizing and leading teams of up to 25 in sometimes high-pressure situations. I worked with her at the Arts Centre Melbourne for many years and she never failed to be anything but excellent!”
Emily Atkins – The Arts Centre, Melbourne

“Knowing Penny Brooke-Hamilton is a real pleasure. She is a lovely lady with a warm, sweet and accommodating personality, who always goes that extra mile to make people feel welcome at all her events.”
Vivienne Sharman-Lewis – Visions PR

“Working with Penny is always a delight. We have worked with her for a number of different events and have always found her utterly trustworthy, fun, professional and focused.”
Willow & Lace – Bespoke Jewellery & Millinery